artemisia absinthium

also known as wormwood, artemisia is famous as a spirits ingredient that has a somewhat infamous reputation due to its association with absinthe. it is an undeniably potent constituent of all of our offerings.  our wormwood is specially prepared to be free of thujone.

From Medical News Today:

Artemisia absinthium L., commonly known as wormwood, is a perennial shrub from the Asteraceae family of plants. It has deeply lobed, grayish-green leaves and small yellow flowers that bloom in July and August. It is an aromatic plant with a potent sage odor and bitter taste.

Herbalists and manufacturers use wormwood leaves and smaller stems to make medicines. There are many artemisia species, but people often use Artemisia absinthium L. and Artemisia annua L., or sweet wormwood, for medicinal purposes.

Chemical properties

Historically, people have used wormwood to treat a wide range of ailments. According to a 2020 article, wormwood’s confirmed biological activities include:

  • stimulating digestion and appetite
  • being antiparasitic
  • inhibiting the growth of protozoan infection
  • having antibacterial properties
  • being antifungal
  • being anti-ulcer
  • preventing damage to the liver
  • being anti-inflammatory
  • having antioxidants
  • stimulating the immune system
  • having the ability to damage cancer cells
  • being a pain reliever
  • protecting nerve cells against damage
  • being an antidepressant
  • reducing mental confusion
  • stabilizing cell membranes

Wormwood has numerous compounds responsible for its biological activities, including:

  • essential oils
  • bitter sesquiterpene lactones
  • absinthin isomers
  • bitter compounds, such as artemisinin
  • phenolic acids
  • flavonoids
  • coumarins

Wormwood has a long history of traditional use, and scientists today are interested in investigating its potential. Its herbal properties are wide-ranging, and its potential clinical benefits include supporting digestion and expelling parasites. It may also be beneficial for inflammatory or immune conditions.

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