libertine | piment | 750ml

libertine helps you live your forbidden fantasies.

inspired by the vivacity of the west indies, our aromatic mélange of trade spices excites the senses with an intense aroma, subtle complexity, and bold umami notes. the flavor is reminiscent of the most celebrated cocktail bitters brands but is refined in a manner that lends itself to pleasure drinking alone or mixed. Essential flavors include cardamom, cinnamon, and gentian.

libertine is only made using all-natural sustainably sourced ingredients selected for their flavor and energetic profiles. it does not contain caffeine, gluten or any other allergens and is sweetened using agave nectar only. libertine formulations are crisp, refreshing, and incorporate a blend of herbs that have potentiating, adaptogenic, and tonifying qualities that are completely unique. the plants chosen have been used in medicine around the world for centuries to balance subtle energies in the body with an aim to restoring health.

foremost among these is artemisia absinthium, the principal ingredient of the spirit absinthe, which is famous for its strong flavor profile and purported effects. libertine is equally suited to contemplative and festive environs. free thinkers, bon vivants and those seeking to consume less alcohol will all find pleasure in a bottle of libertine.

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